The complaints book is mandatory in both physical and electronic format for all companies in Portugal that provide goods and services.

In Portugal, the law that establishes that all entities that provide services to the public must make the Complaints Book available to consumers. This implies that it is mandatory for both physical and digital establishments.

What is the Complaints Book?

The complaints book is the legal instrument that allows customers to submit complaints in writing about the services provided by a company. This is mandatory for all establishments that have direct contact with the public, including essential public services and state services.

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How does the Complaints Book work in Portugal?

The complaints book must be requested whenever the consumer wants to make a complaint about a product or service. The book has 3 pages: the original, the duplicate and the triplicateThe original is sent to the regulatory authority of the sector concerned, the duplicate remains in the possession of the consumer and the triplicate must remain in the book.

If you have a website, the disclosure of the online complaints book is also mandatory.

How to fill out the Complaints Book?

The completion of the book must be done in a clear and objective way.

In the header of the complaint sheet, fill in:

  1. the details of the company you're claiming
  2. your personal data
  3. describe the reason for the complaint
  4. date
  5. sign

You must state the place and date of the facts in the reason for the complaint and attach evidence where necessary. Subsequently, the supplier of goods or services must respond within a maximum of 15 working days.

If the claim is made online, you can check the status of the claim and check your claim history.

Don't know how to register in the Electronic Complaints Book?
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How to request the Complaints Book?

In person:
  • At the shops of the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda or at the respective counters of the citizen's shops
  • At the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs
  • In entities accredited for the sale of the Complaints Book


  • Through the Citizen's Portal
  • On the website of the National Press – Mint

What are the obligations?

  • In addition to the paper Complaints Book, it is mandatory to disclose the Complaints Book in electronic format when there is a website.
  • To display in the establishment, in a clearly visible place, the information that you have a complaints book and the identification of the authority competent to assess the complaints.


"This establishment has a complaints book" and Competent authority to assess the complaint: [identification and address of the entities]"


  • 15 days to send the complaint sheet to the competent authority
  • In case of changes in the address of the establishment, the operator must notify the INCM of the change made.

Don't know how to register in the Electronic Complaints Book?
We've got you covered.

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