The Gas-Intensive Industries Programme is back, which promotes measures to support companies that guarantee liquidity and access to finance, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. This new support establishes a system of incentives for the liquidity of companies particularly affected by the sharp increase in the price of natural gas and operating losses, supporting the continuity of economic activity and the preservation of productive capacities and employment.

It runs until June 30, the next deadline for a submission application of Aviso 02/2023/APOIARGÁS 2M e 5M.

Application Modalities

For the purposes Decreto-Lei n.º 6-2023, de 27 janeiro, determines the creation of two new support modalities:

2M – Support 2M Gas Intensive Industries;

In the form of a non-reimbursable grant, a support rate of 30% on the eligible cost shall be applied.


  • 5M – Supporting 5M Gas Intensive Industries

In the form of a non-reimbursable grant, a support rate of 50% shall be applied to the eligible cost and may not exceed 80% of the operating losses.


Note: The supports under the 2M Mode and 5M Mode are not cumulative with each other.

The eligible cost to be taken into account shall be determined by multiplying the number of units of natural gas purchased by the undertaking from external suppliers as a final consumer in the eligible period by the difference between the unit price which the undertaking pays per unit consumed in a given month of the eligible period and twice (200%) the unit price paid on average by the undertaking in the reference period.

Budget allocation

The total budget allocation for the modalities of the Support Gas Industries Programme is EUR 235 million.

Ineligible Companies

Are not eligible companies that integrate the sectors of:

  • Energy production;
  • Refining of petroleum products;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture;
  • Primary production of agricultural products and forests.

They are also not eligible, companies that are subject to sanctions adopted by the European Union, namely:

  • The legal acts imposing such penalties;
  • Those owned or controlled by persons, entities or bodies;
  • Those that are active in sectors targeted by the sanctions adopted by the European Union.

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