This new aid aims to support tourism and catering, more specifically, accommodation, catering and similar sector and other tourism activities, mitigated during the COVID-19 pandemic and currently due to the effects of inflation.

You can apply until December 22 de 2022.


EUR 70 million.

Criteria and conditions of access

The following criteria and conditions of access are required, to be fulfilled at the date of formalization of the request::

  • develop main economic activity included in the list of PPAs provided for in Annex C of the aforementioned Ordinance
  • have had an application approved under the measures, Support Restoration or Support +Simple are active
  • are active (*)
  • have a settled position with regard to replacements in the context of ESI Funds financing
  • have the situation regularized before the social security and the tax administration
  • has not been the subject of insolvency proceedings under the Insolvency and Business Recovery Code (*)

(*) The proof of these conditions is made by presenting a declaration of compliance, signed by the beneficiary under a commitment of honor, and the remaining conditions are confirmed through automatic procedures of Balcão 2020.

Nature and intensity of support

Incentive of a non-refundable nature:

  • The support to be allocated amounts to 10% of the final financial support calculated, cumulatively, by each beneficiary companyin the measures, Support Restoration and / or Support +Simple, of the APOIAR Program.
  • 2. If, from the applications for support submitted, budget allocation provided for this measure is not used in full, the unused amount shall be redistributed proportionately among the applicant undertakings on the basis of the support initially paid and received. Each beneficiary company may not, however, receive, in the end, a support amount greater than 50% of the value of the final support calculated, cumulatively, under the measures, Support Restoration and / or Support + Simple.

Support Tourism programme payments

The payment of support to beneficiaries is ensured by Turismo de Portugal I.P. and takes place until the end of this year 2022.

Aid for applying for support?

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