In the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 87/2022, of October 4, Component C11 was created, which created a Support for the Decarbonization of Industry for the adoption of efficiency measures and acceleration of the energy transition, aimed at reducing energy consumption and implementing systems that allow to manage and improve energy consumption, based on computing and automation, in the industrial domain.

The Component 11 – Decarbonization of Industry, integrated in the Climate Transition Dimension, aims to leverage the decarbonization of the industrial and business sector and promote a paradigm shift in the use of resources, implementing measures of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 (PNEC 2030) and contributing to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, through the support of at least 300 decarbonization projects.


Carbon neutrality, promoting the energy transition through energy efficiency, support for renewable energies, with a focus on the adoption of low-carbon processes and technologies in industry, the adoption of energy efficiency measures in industry and the incorporation of renewable energy and energy storage..


Companies, of any size or legal form, in the industry sector.


You can apply until 6 p.m. on January 31, 2023.


Support for the decarbonization of the industry up to 200 thousand euros per single company, over a period of 3 years.

The support is under the RGIC «General Regulation of Exemption by Category».

Fields of Action

The investment associated with this Component contributes 100% to the climate target of the PRR, so projects must be in at least one of the following policy areas:

  • 024 – Energy efficiency and demonstration projects in SMEs or large enterprises and support measures that meet the energy efficiency criteria;
  • 022 – Research and innovation processes, technology transfer and cooperation between companies, focusing on the low-carbon economy, resilience and adaptation to climate change"
  • 029 – Renewable energy: solar
  • 032 – Other renewable energies (including geothermal energy)
  • 033 – Smart energy systems (including smart grids and ICT systems) and their storage

Project Typology

- Low carbon processes and technologies in industry;

– Adoption of energy efficiency measures in industry;

– Incorporation of energy from renewable source and energy storage.

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