It is open from August 16 to September 28 a new support for the acquisition of electric vehicles in the Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) specifically for the social response of the Home Support Service (SAD).

This support is part of Component 03 – Social Responses, in investment RE-C03-i01 – New Generation of Equipment and Social Responses, of the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR), the measure C03-i01-m04 – Green Mobility SAD appears.


Institutions of the Solidarity and Social Economy (IPSS) and similar.

Geographic area

Continental Portugal.

Project typologies

Acquisition of:

  • Electric Goods Vehicle , processing:

Installation / adaptation of the cargo box, lined with partitions with insulation reserved for the transport of meals and also for the transport of other products simultaneously with foodstuffs, namely hygiene products, cleaning and dirty / washed linen, properly packed and isolated from food avoiding any and all types of contamination.

  • Electric Passenger Car with transformation

ISO categories eligible for processing:

Seats and cushions for cars, of special design;

Lifting aids for people into the car (excluding wheelchairs);

Lifting aids for the person sitting in their wheelchair into the car;

Support products to place the wheelchair on or inside the car;

Equipment to attach the wheelchair to the car.

Execution period

12 months

Form and limits of support

  • Non-refundable allowance
  • Maximum support per vehicle: € 25,000 euros
  • Finening rate 100%

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