Applications are open to support the hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)in the North, Centre and Alentejo regions.

Following this new support, the human resources to be hired must have an academic degree with a qualification level equal to or higher than a bachelor's degree (QNQ > 6)*.

This new support, designed with the purpose of boosting business competitiveness, innovation and the transition to a more sustainable future, has as its main objective to stimulate companies in hiring new highly qualified human resources.

- Eligible expenses for this support include the basic salary, compulsory social charges, as well as holiday and Christmas allowances.

*Note: In the case of graduates or masters, in addition to the academic degree, a minimum of 5 years of professional experience must be evidenced.

Geographic area

Geographical eligibility will be determined by the location of the project, i.e. the place where the company's establishment is located and in which the face-to-face job or jobs will be created, excluding remote and teleworking positions.

So far, applications have been published for the North, Center and Alentejo regions.

You can check the low-density territories and the remaining territories here.


At this time, the following budget allocations have been defined for the North, Centre and Alentejo regions, respectively, as shown in the following table:

North Centre Alentejo
Low-Density Territories 1,5 M€ 4 M€ 3 M€
Other Territories 4,5 M€ 6 M€ 1 M€

The support is non-refundable funding, lasts for 36 months after the first supported hire, and corresponds to 50% of the eligible cost, with defined minimum and maximum salary limits.

Eligible investments

Remuneration for a maximum period of 3 years:

Minimum monthly remuneration: 1.200€

Maximum monthly remuneration:

Bachelor's degree €1,613.40

Master's Degree € 2.025,35

doutoramento e pós-doutoramento 3.209,67€

Application period

North Centre Alentejo
Low Density December (2023) to March (2024) November (2023) to December (2024)
4 phases
November (2023) to June (2024)
4 phases
Other Territories November (2023) to December (2024) November (2023) to December (2024)
4 phases
November (2023) to June (2024)
4 phases

Note: It is important to note that each of these supports may be terminated if the budget allocation is reached.

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