The Specific Regulations for the Thematic Area Innovation and Digital TransitionThe new Incentive Scheme for Business Competitiveness, as set out in Ministerial Order no. 103-A/2023, of 12 April, under the scope of the Portugal 2030 Incentive Schemes. As regards the Incentive Scheme for Business Competitiveness, the following intervention typologies are already detailed:

  • Productive Innovation
  • Qualification
  • Internationalisation of SMEs

What is Portugal 2030?

Portugal 2030 was established through the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, and its fundamental objectives are framed in the central thematic agendas for the development of the economy, society and territory of Portugal until 2030.

Tenders under the Portugal 2030 regulation

Productive Innovation

Applications open

Dotação orçamental= 400 milhões de euros

  • Beneficiaries
    • SMEs and non-SMEs
  • Investimento mínimo
    • 250 mil euros
  • Atividades enquadradas
    • Criação de um novo estabelecimento;

    • Aumento da capacidade de um estabelecimento já existente;

    • Diversificação da produção de um estabelecimento para produtos não produzidos anteriormente no estabelecimento;

    • Alteração fundamental do processo global de produção de um estabelecimento existente.

  • Goals
    • Increasing business investment by large companies in innovative activities
    • Strengthen SME business empowerment through business investment in innovative activities
  • Maximum Overall Funding Rate = 75%
    • Combination of a non-refundable incentive with a refundable interest-free incentive


  • Beneficiaries
    • SME
  • Goals
    • Promote the increase in international sales volume through the development and application of new business models
    • Adoption of e-commerce as an internationalisation tool
  • Maximum Overall Funding Rate = 45%
    • Non-refundable incentive (non-refundable), with a maximum limit of 500 thousand euros


  • Beneficiaries
    • SME
  • Goals
    • Skills actions for SMEs in intangible fields
    • Promoting competitiveness
    • Providing responsiveness to the global market
  • Maximum Overall Funding Rate = 45%
    • Non-refundable incentive (non-refundable), with a maximum limit of 500 thousand euros

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