The Support Line for Increasing Production Costs aims to mitigate the effects of inflation. With the goal of supporting companies especially affected by the sharp increase in energy costs, raw materials and disruptions in supply chains..

Global Endowment

Until €600.000.000

Support Line for the Increase of Production Costs is intended for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Small Mid Cap, Mid Cap and Large Companies, with a main activity framed, developed in the national territory, and that, among other requirements defined in the disclosure document, have fundamentally registered one of the following financial impacts: financial impacts:

  • a significant increase in the weight of energy costs;
  • increasing the cost weight of goods sold and materials consumed;
  • significant increase in working capital requirements.

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Maximum Amount of Funding

Micro Until € 50.000
Small Business Até € 750.000
Medium, Small Mid Caps, Mid Caps and Large Companies Até € 2.500.000


- Credit operations entered into through short, medium and long-term loans (up to 8 years, after contracting, with 12 months of capital grace period), benefit from a guarantee provided by Mutual Guarantee Societies destinada a garantir até 70% do capital em dívidaat all times. In turn, the guarantees issued by the SGMs benefit from a counter-guarantee of 80% of the FCGM, managed by the BPF.

We advise you to contact your bank in order to know all the inherent conditions of membership.

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