Support may be granted to holders of poultry holdings with herds of the following birds:

  • Chickens;
  • Ducks;
  • Chicks;
  • Turkeys;
  • Quail.


Until August 12 from 2022.

Admissibility criteria

a) Have sent poultry for effective slaughter, proven through the existence of the slaughter record to the holding concerned in the Information System of the Plan for Approval and Control of Establishments (SIPACE) in the 1st quarter of the year 2022;

b) Have submitted on the AVIDEC platform the declaration of stocks of the number of laying hens of February 2022, in accordance with the provisions of Order no. 293/2015, of 12 January, of the Director-General of Food and Veterinary;

c) have declared herd numbers of breeding hens in the National Salmonella Control Programme during 2021.

Additional Requirements

Applicants for the support provided for in this Chapter shall meet one of the following criteria:

a) have animal welfare certification;

b) have certification in environmentally and climate-friendly production methods, such as organic production or optional labelling of poultrymeat and eggs;

c) Have International Featured Standards (IFS) certifications;

d) have photovoltaic, biogas or other renewable energy sources;

e) have composting plants, biogas plants, plants for the combustion of animal by-products or waste, or ensure that their animal by-products are routed to plants approved for the processing of animal by-products which ensure their recovery or proper disposal;

f) have a biosecurity plan;

g) use practices that promote water recovery on holdings.

Additional Requirements

The planned support takes the form of a non-reimbursable incentive, with a reference value of EUR 10 per livestock unit (CN=0.006). the amount of support based on the total animals slaughtered, per beneficiary, in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Source: Official Gazette no. 135/2022

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