Vouchers for startups designed to drive new green and digital products are back. This program, promoted by the PRR (Recovery and Resilience Program) and IAPMEI, offers non-refundable support of 30 thousand euros per application, up to a maximum budget of 65 million euros.

Vouchers for Startups – New Green and Digital Products” programme provides for the development of business models, digital products or services that contribute positively to the climate transition, namely, efficiency in the use of resources, reduction of pollution impacts, that foster the circular economy, that constitute new energy production solutions or that characterise theuse of Open Data or IntelligenceArtificial.

The form to make your application will be available from November 30, 2023 on the eBalcão platform.

Vouchers Startups 2023

To apply for the 2023 startup voucher you must:
  • Be a company incorporated less than 10 years ago
  • Be a company based in Portugal
  • Be SME certified
  • Be a company registered with the Funds Desk;
  • Startups whose PPA is mentioned in Annex 3 or Annex 8 *

*Note: the codes mentioned in annexes 3 and 8, although in English, correspond to the Portuguese codes of the CAE for the same activities.

Areas of intervention

  • Start-up or growth support: Funding for start-up or expansion startups;
  • Support for participation in ignition or acceleration programs: Funding for startups that apply for ignition or acceleration programs;
  • Support for the development of pilot projects: Funding for the demonstration of technology or business/service model, developed by startups, which allows the startup to demonstrate its technology proving its effectiveness.

Admitted expenses

  • Existing or future human resources;
  • Accreditation or technological certification of human resources;
  • Acquisition of Specialized External Services (digitalization of business processes, marketing services, etc.);
  • Acquisition or operational lease of equipment, software licensing or subscription costs;
  • Costs of protecting/valuing intellectual property rights;
  • Overhead.


The support to be received is in the nature of a non-refundable incentive.

The payment of the support will be made in 4 tranches of 7.5 thousand euros:

  • Initial advance payment with the signing of the Term of Acceptance as pre-financing in the amount of 7,500 euros;
  • 2 quarterly advances, with a value of 7,500 euros;
  • Final payment of 7,500 euros, with the submission of a final payment request with the eligible expenses incurred, to be submitted within 90 days after the physical and financial completion of the project.

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