The AVANÇAR Program is the new support for the hiring of the IEFP and promises to reach about 25 thousand qualified young people with a minimum wage of 1,330 euros. Doing the math, companies will be able to receive from 8,600 euros to 12,300 euros and young people will also benefit from a monthly stipend of 150 euros during the first year of the contract.

To be qualified, young people must be be unemployed enrolled in the IEFP , aged 35 years or less and with a qualification level of 5, 6, 7 or 8 of the National Qualifications Framework (QNQ).

The Avançar Program motivated by the IEFP aims to promote the improvement of the quality of youth employment in Portugal, encouraging more stable employment links and salaries appropriate to young qualifications.

Financial support for enterprises

  • Support for the hiring of at least 8,600 euros (18 times the IAS) for each young person hired indefinitely, which may be increased according to whether they are young people with disabilities and disabilities, jobs located in the interior territory, employers that are part of collective labor regulation instruments or young people in long-term unemployment.
  • Discount of 50% of Social Security contributions for 1st year.

Obligations of the employer

The employer has the obligation to provide professional training adjusted to the skills required by the workplace, in one of the following modalities:

  • Training in a work context adjusted to the skills of the job, for a minimum period of 12 months, accompanied by a tutor designated by the employer
  • Training adjusted to the skills of the workplace, in a certified training entity, with a minimum workload of 50 hours, carried out, whenever possible, during the normal period of work

Advance Program Payments (IEFP)

The payment of financial support to the employer is made after the term of acceptance to the IEFP, in 3 installments:

  • 60% of the value of the financial support is paid after the beginning of the validity of all supported employment contracts, within a maximum period of 20 working days after their submission to the IEFP
  • 20 % of the value of the financial support shall be paid in the thirteenth month of the last contract initiated
  • 20 % of the value of the financial support shall be paid in the twenty-fifth month of the last contract initiated

You can consult the legislation in force in Portaria n.º187/2023, 3 de julho and in summary sheet.

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