The Enterprising XXI is the new support that encourages business creation and the own employment. Desenvolvido pelo Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP) tem uma dotação orçamental de 20 milhões de euros, tendo encerrado no dia 23 de junho 2023.

Promoters can benefit from a support up to 85% of the eligible investment for the creation of the enterprise: 40% non-repayable and 45% interest-free loan. In addition, they also have financial support for the creation of their own jobs up to 15 times the IAS. Besides this, Empreende XXI can be cumulative with the hiring support or with the Inland Employment MAIS and Support to the Return of Emigrants to Portugal measures.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Enterprising XXI?

Beneficiaries of the measure are all those who have an economically and financially viable business idea registered with the IEFPunder one of the following conditions:

  • Those in employment (without registration) must do so as a user
  • Who has started activity (within the previous 180 days), you must be registered as a user
  • Who is unemployedyou must be registered for employment

What is the rate of support applied to Enterprising XXI?

Financial support, up to 85 % of the total eligible investment, in the following modalities:

  • a) Non-repayable support up to 40%;
  • b) Interest-free loan up to 45%.

Creating one's own job

  • Financial support for the creation of self-employment up to 15 times the value of the IAS
  • Up to 4 jobs

Non-repayable surcharges

30% - Workstations for the under-represented sex in a given profession - list of professions subject to a mark-up

25% - Workstation located in inland territory list of inland territories

20% - Having more than one promoter

What are the project requirements?

Business creation or self-employment projects are eligible under the following terms:

  • Setting up companies
  • Establishment of cooperatives
  • Activities for self-employed workers
  • Present economic and financial viability

Note: It cannot include, in the investment to be made, the purchase of share capital of an existing company.

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