According to Law No. 7/2009, of 10th September, art.15, it's the employer's obligation to ensure safety and health conditions in in all work-related aspects, applying the necessary measures and taking into account the general principles of prevention.

We provide obligations that you should request from the company providing the medicine, hygiene and safety at work service to comply with the legislation, among which we highlight the following:

  • Single Report (RU) – Annex D

  • Register of workers

  • Information on the conditions of the employment contract

  • Training plan

  • Safety medical fitness certificates

  • Risk assessment certificates

  • List/Reports of accidents at work and occupational diseases

  • Measures, proposals and recommendations made by OSH services (Occupational Safety and Health)

  • Identificação dos trabalhadores responsáveis pela estrutura interna dos primeiros socorros, combate a incêndios e evacuação de instalações

  • Periodic verification report and/or maintenance booklet of work equipment

  • Instruction manual for work equipment in Portuguese

  • Formação e informação dos trabalhadores em SST certificados

  • Communication of site opening and changes in the identification of subcontractors

  • Health and safety plan in project and/or construction site

  • Fichas de procedimentos de segurança

  • Nomeação de coordenador de segurança e respetivo termo de aceitação

  • Registo atualizado de subempreiteiros e trabalhadores independentes

  • Safety data sheet

  • Recording of working and driving time

  • Registration of delivery of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment))

Therefore, when hiring a company specialized in health and safety at work, it's important that you make sure that it's complying with all legal obligations relacionadas com a sua atividade. Dessa forma, é possível garantir a proteção dos colaboradores e evitar problemas com a fiscalização.

Note: These obligations are of a general nature, and others that may derive from specific legislation applicable differently to each type of activity or specifically to one type of activity are not covered by these articles.

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