To be able to play ambient music in your establishment you need licensing of copyright and related rights, including a fee to SPAutores and another to PassMúsica.

In this way, all places where access to television or radio is made available to the customer has implied the payment of licenses to SPAutores (represents the copyright holders in Portugal) and PassMúsica (represents the artists and music producers, holders of the related rights in Portugal).

What are the obligations for live music?

To be able to have live music* you must also take into account:

  • SPAuters license;

  • license to represent with the General Inspection of Cultural Activities (IGAC);

  • municipal licenses that are necessary.


*Note: Even if the entrance to the space is free, you will always have to pay the appropriate licenses.

What are the fines imposed?

The Law no. 92/2019, which entered into force, amends the legal framework of licensing for the public communication of recorded music.

Thus, the lack of the SPA license constitutes an administrative offense that can go between 125 and 1500 euros, in the case of people, and between 250 to 7,500 euros, in case of legal persons.

Already the fines for lack of PassMúsica** can go between 250 to 2500 euros.

** "PassMúsica" is the brand that identifies the license and the joint licensing service of AUDIOGEST and GDA.

What is the procedure for licensing?

The licensing process involves prior communication to the responsible entity, whether it is the SPA or PassMúsica, to inform about the establishment, the activity carried out, the total area in square meters and the period in which the recorded music will be played. Based on this information, an amount to be paid for the copyright will be established and the corresponding license will be issued.

See the price lists for payment of licenses to PassMúsica and SPAutores.

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